Theatre of Magic [TOM]

NOS #14-8018 12V Motor With A New Brass Gear, New Molex Trifurcon Connector & A New Wiring Harness $95US + Shipping

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I Completely Disassemble, Clean, Lube (Using THIS Synthetic Lube – Super Lube-21030 Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease, 3 Oz. Pic Below), Reassemble & Test – This Service Also Includes The NOS 12V Motor Assembly Above, Happy To Reuse The Original Gear If You Want To Keep Your TOM 100% Original (Recommended)

Things To Try BEFORE You Buy A NOS Motor Or Have Me Rebuild Your Gearbox:

    1. Make Sure You Are Running The Latest Theatre Of Magic Code – V1.3 or V1.4

    2. Reflow EVERY Soldered Connection On The Motor Controller Board AND The Opto Circuit Board.

    3. Verify That The Plastic Opto Interrupter Is Properly Positioned On The Magic Trunks Shaft And Is Not Broken OR Loose On The GB Shaft (A Common Problem), Marco Specialties Carries A Solid Aluminum Opto Interrupter That Should Last Forever: Link

    4. THIS REQUIRES DISASSEMBLY OF YOUR TOM GEAR BOX“:Make Sure That The Main Spur Gear Inside Your TOM GB Is Tight To The Main Shaft And Has NO SLOP/FREE-PLAY ON THE SHAFT, These Have 2 Allen Set-Screws That Can Be Hard To Loosen Without Stripping.

    5. Once Again This Is The Lube/Grease I Recommend: Super Lube-21030         Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease, 3 Oz.