Medieval Madness (MM), Monster Bash (MB) And Cactus Canyon (CC)

NOS 14-8015: Motor-Gear Box


NOS 12V Motor, A NOS #03-9222 Nylon Gear (Installed) And A New Wiring Harness w/MOLEX IDC Trifurcon Connectors

$60USD + Shipping



Williams – MEDIEVAL MADNESS: Drawbridge Gate assembly (fits both drawbridge versions: A-21723 and A-22033)

Williams – MONSTER BASH: Frankenstein Monster Mechanism #A-22422 (This Unit Has Reversed Wire Polarity To Reverse Motor Rotation) – PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF THIS WHEN ORDERING & I WILL MAKE THE WIRING CHANGES NECESSARY

Williams – MONSTER BASH: Up/Down Target Assembly A-22275

Bally – CACTUS CANYON: Train Assembly A-22271