Lord of the Rings Path Of The Dead MOD

I Keep The LOTR Armies Of Middle Earth POTD Figures In Stock And Now Price This MOD WITH The FOUR AOME Figures Included

I Build Them ONE Way Now, WITH ALL FOUR FIGURES w/Game Play Integrated LED’s Under Them.

With Additional Green LED Strips Under The POTD With An In-Line Controller w/5 Modes And 8 Levels Of Adjustment OR ON With 8 Levels Of Brightness Adjustment:

A Side NOTE – You Will Need To Mail Me Your LOTR POTD Mini Play Field For Me To Install This MOD Onto It

I Am Located  Near LAKESIDE TEXAS,  76135 USA


$450.00US – With FOUR (4) LED-Lit LOTR AOME Figures

These 4 Figures Are Game-Play-Integrated:

They Are Tied To The Lighting At The Rear Of The Play Field Behind The POTD And Activated By The #1, #2, #3 And #4 Roll-Over-Lanes

Your Finished POTD/AOME Kit Will Come Back-To-You With New Green LED Lighting Mounted UNDER-The-POTD, The Green LED Lighting I Install  Comes With An In-Line Mode/Brightness Controller That Plugs Into Your Games 12V/5V Output 

VIDEO:     MVI_3792

! NOTE !

If You Are Already Using Your Games 5V/12V Output !!


The POTD Acrylics Are Available In Clear, Transparent Neon Green And A Transparent Light Blue (Colors Are Plus $10US)


Comes With Your Choice Of  Clear, Dark Green Or Neon Green Posts,  These Support The New Acrylic The AOME Figures Are Mounted On [Link Below]


Titan Glow-In-The-Dark Silicon Rings Are Recommended For All The Mini-Posts And On The 1-1/16″ Posts And Hardware I Add To Your POTD To Support The POTD Acrylic The AOME Figures Are Mounted On

These Are Plus $14.00US


I Can Reuse Your Original Black Post Rings And Supply 4 New

Black Rubber Rings For The Four 1-1/16″ Posts Noted Above At No Additional Cost.


Here’s A Link To The Game Play Integrated 4 Figure Set:     https://youtu.be/Ci1i8lF_uf8

I Currently Have A 3-Week+ Backlog [As Of July 2023] On Making MOD’s After Receipt Of Payment:

Once We Determine Which Version And Options You Want I Will Send You A PayPal Invoice For That Amount That Will  Add The PayPal Fees As A Separate Item On Your PayPal Invoice:

PayPal Fees Are UP Again:

For The US It’s Now 4.7%

For International It’s Now 7.9%

[PP Fees Are On The Total Amount Paid – Sadly That Includes Shipping]

Once I Receive Your PayPal Payment I’ll Put You Into My Build Queue


As Shipping Costs Seem To Change Weekly I Will PP Invoice You For The Shipping When Everything Is Done, Tested, Packaged, Weighed And Ready To Ship.