Tron Legacy [TRON]

TRON Legacy Recognizer MOD

Fits TRON-LE & TRON-Pro, These Are $135.00 **, They Can Be Ordered In Your Choice of 2 Different Color Down Lights (All Recognizers Come With Orange Up-Lights To Emphasize The Cabin Plastics).
– Brilliant Deep Blue LED’s
– Bright Cool White LED’s

Two Wiring Harness Types Are Available That Have Different Characteristics – Each Recognizer Comes With Your Choice Of 1 Of The 2 Types:

12V Wiring Harness Fits Both TRON-PRO & TRON-LE:

Plugs Into The Factory 12V/5V Source Behind The Coin Door Under The Right Flipper Button And The Recognizer LED’s Are On All The Time.

24V Wiring Harness Fits TRON-LE Only:

Plugs Into The Recognizer Motors Wiring Harness – The Recognizers LED’s Are On ONLY When The Recognizer Is Moving – The Recognizers LED’s Are Off When The Recognizer Is Stopped (Middle Position) & Flashes Off Very Briefly At Far Left & Far Right (When The Recognizers Motor Changes Direction).

If You Can’t Make Up Your Mind For Your LE, Order Both Wiring Har

nesses For An Additional $10

LED’s (Blue) On All The Time:

LED’s (Blue) Only On When Recognizer Is Moving:

TRON-LE Recognizer with Cool White Down-LED’s:

TRON-LE Recognizer with Blue Down-LED’s:


TRON Legacy Hallmark Light Cycle MOD

TRON Hallmark Light Cycle Wiring Harness – DIY:

Fits both TRON-LE & TRON-Pro

Solder In Style (You Solder To The Battery Contacts In Your Light Cycles)- $60 **

IMG_2612          IMG_2614

TRON Hallmark Light Cycle Wiring Harness:

Plug & Play (Has Simulated Batteries) – $75 **

IMG_2621      IMG_2619


TRON Hallmark Light Cycle Wiring Harness Kit – Plug & Play:

WITH PinBits Laser Cut Plastics Protectors (.060 PETG) w/Micro Switches Wired To The Hallmark LC Internal Timer Electronics – LC’s Turn On Each Time You Make Their Ramp Shot And Stay On For Roughly 18 Seconds, Happy To Use Your Hallmark Light Cycles Or I Will Supply LC’s At Their Lowest Current Replacement Cost From eBay or Amazon

Shown w/Protective Film Still Installed (Sometimes Blue Sometimes Frosted) The PETG Is Crystal Clear When Removed


IMG_2279   IMG_0014


All LC MOD’s Plug Into The STERN Factory 12V/5V Outlet Just Behind & To The Right Of The Coin Door

** + Shipping