Stern LED Backbox Kits

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To Add Integrated LED Backbox Flashers To Any Whitestar Or Sam System Is A $100 Upgrade (Included In KISS/Spike Kit)


GhostBusters – Fits Premium, Limited Edition & Pro Versions

OVER 250 RGB Individually Programmed LED’s (Basically 750 LED’s) !

*LED Programming Performed By Red Dirt Development*

$265 USD + Shipping**

Premium LED BB Kit

Limited Edition LED BB Kit (Will Be Posted Right After TPF 2017)

Pro LED BB Kit (Will Be Posted Right After TPF 2017)


Batman – The Dark Knight (2008 – 2009, Approx 2,500 Made)

$130 USD + Shipping **


Spiderman (2007 – 2010, Approx. 3,300 Made Including SM Black & LE)

$135 USD + Shipping**




Lord Of The Rings (2003 – 2010, Approx. 6,567 Made Including The LE)

$140 USD + Shipping**




Pirates Of The Caribbean (2006 – 2009, Approx. 4,050 Made)

$135 USD + Shipping**




Iron Man (2010 – 2011, Approx. 850 Made In 2010 & 150 In 2011)

Also Fits IM – Vault Edition (2014) – Please Let Me Know As It Has A Slightly Different Mounting

$135 USD + Shipping**




The Simpsons Pinball Party (2003 – 2009, Approx.  5,900 Made)

$140 USD + Shipping**




TRON ENCOM Edition Version 2.0 (400 LE’s Made & ???? Pro’s)

$225 USD + Shipping**

Fits All TRON Legacy Pins With A 3-D Lenticular Translite

Using Yellow LED’s For CLU, Orange LED’s For Building, Recognizers & Stern Logo, Cool White LED’s For Flynn Disk, ‘TRON”, Portal Sequencer & Lightning Flashes

TRON ENCOM Edition Version 3.5 (400 LE’s Made & ???? Pro’s)

$260 USD + Shipping**

Fits All TRON Legacy Pins With A 3-D Lenticular Translite

Using Warm White LED’s For CLU, Orange LED’s For Building & Recognizers, Cool White & Blue LED’s For Flynn Disk, Portal Sequencer, Lightning Flashes & Stern Logo




The Walking Dead Fits LE And Pro (2014 – 2016, 600 LE’s Made)

$225 USD + Shipping**

Fits TWD-Pro And TWD-Limited Edition

(If You’d Like A Premium Version I’d Be Happy To Make One, I’d Just Need  Your Premium Translite Which Would Be Returned With Your LED BB Kit & A Discount To You !)




KISS (Stern 2015 – 2016, 600 LE’s Made)

TWO Versions $325 Or $250 + Shipping**

Fits Stern KISS-Pro, KISS-Premium And KISS-Limited Edition — BOTH Versions Have Four Integrated/Interactive Backbox Flashers That Tie Into The Four Rear Play Field Flashers, Extending KISS’s Awesome Play Field Light Show Up Into The Backbox Of Your Game

$325 Version – The Four “KISS”Backbox Letters Are Integrated With The Four “KISS” Target/Play Field Insert Lights, This Integrates The Four “KISS” Play Field  Insert Lights To Individually Light The Backbox “KISS” Letters Simultaneously

$250 Version Is For Those That Already Have The AWwEsOmE !! MEZEL MODS           “KISS INTERACTIVE BACKBOX LIGHTING” Kit Installed In Their KISS Game

First “Spike” System Game To Have Integrated Flashers In An LED Backbox Kit

Pinball Supernova KISS Installation Video: KISS-Pro-Prem-LE
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I Have My LED BB Kits Professionally Packaged For The Safe Shipping Of Your Items !

Shipping My LED BB Kits In The US Runs From $31 To $43 Due To Their Size

Installation Instructions Will Be Emailed When Your Item Ships