Stern LED Backbox Kits

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To Add Integrated LED Backbox Flashers To Any Whitestar Or Sam System Is A $100 Upgrade (Included In KISS/Spike Kit)


GhostBusters – Fits Premium, Limited Edition & Pro Versions

OVER 250 RGB Individually Programmed LED’s (Basically 750 LED’s) !

*LED Programming Performed By Red Dirt Development*

$265 USD + Shipping**

Premium LED BB Kit

Limited Edition LED BB Kit (Will Be Posted Right After TPF 2017)

Pro LED BB Kit (Will Be Posted Right After TPF 2017)


Batman – The Dark Knight (2008 – 2009, Approx 2,500 Made)

$130 USD + Shipping **


Spiderman (2007 – 2010, Approx. 3,300 Made Including SM Black & LE)

$135 USD + Shipping**




Lord Of The Rings (2003 – 2010, Approx. 6,567 Made Including The LE)

$140 USD + Shipping**




Pirates Of The Caribbean (2006 – 2009, Approx. 4,050 Made)

$135 USD + Shipping**




Iron Man (2010 – 2011, Approx. 850 Made In 2010 & 150 In 2011)

Also Fits IM – Vault Edition (2014) – Please Let Me Know As It Has A Slightly Different Mounting

$135 USD + Shipping**




The Simpsons Pinball Party (2003 – 2009, Approx.  5,900 Made)

$140 USD + Shipping**




TRON ENCOM Edition Version 2.0 (400 LE’s Made & ???? Pro’s)

$225 USD + Shipping**

Fits All TRON Legacy Pins With A 3-D Lenticular Translite

Using Yellow LED’s For CLU, Orange LED’s For Building, Recognizers & Stern Logo, Cool White LED’s For Flynn Disk, ‘TRON”, Portal Sequencer & Lightning Flashes

TRON ENCOM Edition Version 3.5 (400 LE’s Made & ???? Pro’s)

$260 USD + Shipping**

Fits All TRON Legacy Pins With A 3-D Lenticular Translite

Using Warm White LED’s For CLU, Orange LED’s For Building & Recognizers, Cool White & Blue LED’s For Flynn Disk, Portal Sequencer, Lightning Flashes & Stern Logo




The Walking Dead Fits LE And Pro (2014 – 2016, 600 LE’s Made)

$225 USD + Shipping**

Fits TWD-Pro And TWD-Limited Edition

(If You’d Like A Premium Version I’d Be Happy To Make One, I’d Just Need  Your Premium Translite Which Would Be Returned With Your LED BB Kit & A Discount To You !)




KISS (Stern 2015 – 2016, 600 LE’s Made)

THREE Versions $345USD Or $265USD + Shipping**

Fits Stern KISS-Pro, KISS-Premium And KISS-Limited Edition — ALL Versions Have Four Integrated/Interactive Backbox Flashers That Tie Into The Four Key Play Field Flashers, Extending KISS’s Awesome Play Field Light Show Up Into The Backbox Of Your Game

$345 Version – The Four “KISS”Backbox Letters Are Integrated With The Four “KISS” Target/Play Field Insert Lights, This Integrates The Four “K-I-S-S” Play Field  Insert Lights To Individually Light The Translite/Backglass “K-I-S-S” Letters Simultaneously

$265 Version – #1 Is For Those That Already Have The AWwEsOmE !! MEZEL MODS           “K-I-S-S INTERACTIVE BACKBOX LIGHTING” Kit Installed In Their KISS Game

$265 Version – #2 Is For Those That Have The Stern Factory K-I-S-S Topper And Don’t Want OR Need It Duplicated On Their Translite/Backglass – Thanks To A Suggestion From JEFF R. I’ve Added Two Rows Of C.W. LED Strips Behind The K-I-S-S That Really Set Them Off And Doesn’t Duplicate/Repeat What The Factory Topper Does

This Is The First LED Backbox Kit To Be Offered In A “Spike” System Game To Have Integrated Flashers



Pinball Supernova KISS Installation Video: KISS-Pro-Prem-LE
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I Have My LED BB Kits Professionally Packaged For The Safe Shipping Of Your Items !

Shipping My LED BB Kits In The US Runs From $31 To $43 Due To Their Size

Installation Instructions Will Be Emailed When Your Item Ships