Lord of the Rings [LOTR]

Utilizing PinBit’s Path Of The Dead Acrylic Plastic Kit

I Install LED’s In The Three ARMIES OF MIDDLE-EARTH Figures (AOME – King Of The Dead, Swordsman & Warrior) Assemble Them On The PinBit’s POTD Acrylic Plastic Kit & Make A Wiring Harness

I Can Use AOME Figures Supplied By You Or I Can Supply Them At My Cost (You Just Show Me Where To Buy Them)

I Install LED Lighting In Each Figure And Build A Custom Wiring Harness

I Have Two Versions & Both Are Virtually Plug & Play & Connects To A GI Circuit

Both Versions Come With Three #44 Sockets With Green LED’s To Really Give The POTD A Green Under-Glow And REALLY Brighten Up The Entire Top Left Portion Of The PF And Ball’s Path:

1) Solder-In With A 2-Pin .062 Connector For Ease Of Disassembly (Suggested)


2) Alligator/Crocodile Clips For Ease Of Disassembly



Lord of the Rings Path of the Dead