Florescent Colors $48 Per Set Of Four (+ Shipping)

Glow-In-The-Dark $60 Per Set Of Four (+ Shipping)

Mix And Match Your Choice Of Florescent Colors, Singles Are $15 Per Ball (+ Shipping)

G-I-D Color Singles Are $20 Per Ball (+ Shipping)

We Will Also Mix & Match GID’s And Florescent


ALL GLO-BALLs  Weigh 60 Grams Each (Florescent Colors And G-I-D)

GLO-BALLS  Are The Same Weight As The Original Viper Night Driving G-I-D Balls

They’re Also The Same Weight As The Ceramic Power-Ball In Bally’s Twilight Zone [BUT They Are Magnetic As They Have A Solid Metal Core]


A Regular 1 & 1/16″ Pinball Weighs 80 Grams So These Are Super Fast Compared To A Standard Pinball





        Pearl White
         Brilliant Blue
            Hot Pink
     Awesome Orange
          Monster Green
         Lightening Yellow          Radical Red

White Pinball Blue Pinball Pink Pinball Orange Pinball Green Pinball Lightening Yellow